since i have left bourchier st ps

I have now left bourchier st primary school and i have now moved away from shepparton i now live in mooroopna and i now will be attending mooroopna park primary school i hope i make as many friends as i did at bourchier and i hope i have a nice teacher like mr o im a bit upset about leaving because im leaving so much behind im leaving my friends behind some of my family / cousins and im leaving so much learning behind i hope the stuff at mooroopna park will be as nice as the ones at bourchier just know that i will miss everyone at bourchier and i will try to keep in contact with you all thank you to everyone that was there for me the most and thank you to all of my amazing friends i will never forget you’s p.s i love u all

P.e netball

for the last copple of weeks we have been doing netball in pe and it has been verry fun download (7)

sea sand and surf

in enquiry this term and last term we have been working on the sea and animals and more to do with sea sand and surf but the main thing is that it has to be around  the sea and animals.


am working on sea animals and why they are fading out.


Rebekah is working on different types of dolphins.


Fiona is studying about dolphins.




top 5 things


1:  went to the role children hospital for the good Friday apil.


2: got two new puppies.


3: had a fight with my nabhour twice.


4: walked the dogs.


5: relaxed.

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end of tearm one

Wow I can’t believe its over term one its gone and dusted I can’t believe it omg I have  learned a lot i have leant old things and new things term just like I wanted I can’t wait until next term.

grade five camp

i hope all the grade fives had a good time on there three day camp I really miss my class but I have had a great time in prep in miss Sutherland class it has been all some but I can’t wait untill they come back.☺☺☺☺☺☺

three days in prep

On Monday Tuesday and wendsday while all the grade fives were at camp I got put in to a prep class it was very fun I meet new kids that I never know there were a lot of fun things to do as well it was all some I wish I was in prep again.

my learning goals

Maths: my math goal is to practice my times tables more.

reading: my reading goal is to read longer and dont get distracted.

writing: my writing goal is to use punctuation properly

behaviour: my behaviour goal is to not complain about stuff all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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